About me

Born on December 29th 1983, in Vlissingen (Netherlands), Lex got in touch with computer games at a very early age, when his uncle gave him a NES for his 5th birthday. Every day he would get up early to try and beat games like Zelda and Megaman. It was a nice, untroubled childhood. Lots of sports, friends and good school grades. During his early teenage years he discovered StarCraft: Brood War. This is where he met friends online like Victor Goossens (founder of Teamliquid.net) and ElkY.

After some delays, struggling with motivation for school, he finished middle school and started studying criminology at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam at age 20. Living on his own, having a lot of freedom, he started to pursue some interests. After the pokerboom that followed Moneymaker’s WSOP win, many gamers got in touch with the game. Victor told him it was a very strategical game, but you could play it for money. After starting with playmoney for a few weeks, the game quickly took a hold of him. His online friends game him $10 to play 1-2 cent tables with and he never looked back.

Climbing and beating every level online he reached the highest stakes of poker both online and live. In 2009, about 4 years into his career, he signed a contract with PokerStars, the world’s biggest online pokersite. Over the years he has traveled the world playing tournaments and cash games, living in places such as Amsterdam, Las Vegas and Toronto. Lex was the first and only Dutch player to feature in shows like High Stakes Poker and The Big Game.

Eventually, his online roots kept pulling at him and in 2013 he switched from Pokerstars Team Pro to Pokerstars Team Online. Playing millions of hands he obtained the highest VIP/volume level, Supernova Elite, for three years in a row. At the beginning of 2016 it was time for a change. Poker had become very popular on the streaming platform Twitch. Lex was no stranger to Twitch. His passion for video games had always stayed an interest. He understood and knew the world of Twitch well, so when poker became a presence there, the choice was easy.

Living in his birthplace Vlissingen, Netherlands, with his childhood girlfriend, he focuses most of his attention on streaming. He streams every weekday and has been involved heavily as ambassador for the game of poker. In november 2016 Lex got inducted in the Dutch Poker Hall of Fame for what he achieved in poker, as well as what he did for poker in the Netherlands.


The start

Lex gets introduced to No Limit Texas Hold ’em, starting at 1cent-2cent blind levels.

Lex quits University of Rotterdam to pursue poker professionally.


The jump

January 2009

Joined PokerStars Team Pro

January 2009 a Dutch branch of Pokerstars Team Pro was launched. Lex was one of the initial members. After getting a lot of exposure eventually merged into the global Team PokerStars.

Lex finished 7th in the prestigious $40,000 buy-in event at the WSOP. The $277,939 prize, is still his largest live score in his career.

May 2009

7th In 40k event

July 2009

Notorious ESPN bluffing performance

One of the most watched poker videos online, features Lex bluffing his opponents left and right during the $10,000 Main Event of the WSOP. This episode was aired on ESPN and generated a lot of buzz around Lex and his bluffing. http://bit.ly/2eYvFiw

After the world got to know Lex through his WSOP performance, other TV shows were interested in having him on. He got invited to the most prestigious cashgame on TV: High Stakes Poker. This is where he showed the world he also had it in him to make big calls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-_B4QGxbuM

Feb 2010

High Stakes Poker

June 2010

The Big Game

PokerStars launched a new concept of high stakes cash games that featured a qualifier. Lex was in many of the episodes bringing the aggression that people were used to seeing.

Lex wins the Dutch Open for €61,200 and becomes poker champion of Holland. One of his best, childhood friends Sybe Smit, finishes second. http://bit.ly/2f0BZoq

October 15th, 2010

Dutch Open

November 22nd, 2011

Kickboxing Elky

September 2009 Lex and Elky decide they want to get more fit and do a kickboxing match. This got serious and eventually more than €100,000 was on the line. After long training the fight took place. http://bit.ly/2e60CT7

Lex reaches Supernova Elite status for the first time. This is the highest VIP level that was available on PokerStars at the time. He played more than 600.000 hands of Omaha in half a year to obtain this status.

December 2013

Supernova Elite

May 6th, 2014

Switch from Team Pro to Team Pro Online
After almost 6 years with Pokerstars Team Pro, Lex and PokerStars decided it was time for a new course of action. Lex had been going back to his roots grinding online, playing less and less live tournaments. The switch to the Team Online department was a perfect way to continue the collaboration.

Both these years Lex attained Supernova Elite status again. After grinding many years of No Limit Holdem, his game of choice completely changed to Pot Limit Omaha.


More Elite

February 29th, 2016


Supernova Elite got discontinued at the end of 2015 and Lex looked for a new challenge. He had always been a huge fan of gaming. He was very familiar with watching gaming streams. Poker had become more and more popular on Twitch so he decided to give it a try and do his first stream.

The stream grows rapidly reaching 13,000 followers on Twitch and 500,000 views.

August, 2016

The right choice

November 17th, 2016

Dutch Hall of Fame

The existing members of the Dutch Hall of Fame, Noah Boeken, Marcel Luske and Jorryt van Hoof, choose Lex as one of three new members, alongside Rob Hollink and Peter Voolstra to be inducted in the Dutch Hall of Fame.

Lex reaches one million channel views on Twitch.tv

November 30th, 2016

1,000,000 Twitch views