schedule-picMonday – Tournaments
Tuesday – PLO
Wednesday – Tournaments
Thursday – Tournaments
Friday – Blowup Friday




I stream poker most of the time with the occasional videogame. Tournaments are the main content you will find on stream. Because of my Omaha history I teach PLO on Tuesdays. If you have an interest in learning PLO I would definitely suggest stopping by on Tuesdays!

Friday is Blowup Friday, most people’s favorite day of the week. On Friday’s I drink some beers and play very loose. The most important thing on Friday is to have fun. When I played the live tournament circuit people would criticize me whenever I had a big stack and blow it up with a bluff. So on Friday I pretend like it’s 2008 and play a hyper-aggressive loose style to try and win the tournament as fast as possible. With a few beers this makes for funny situations as you can see in the YouTube video above. Don’t try that at home!

If you go to and click the follow button in the top, you will get an email notification when I go live. Hope to see you soon and don’t be afraid to say hi or ask questions in the chat!