Backstreets back

September 10th, 2016

My head hurts. Beer record on Blowup Friday I think.

Lets start at the beginning. Right off the bat we had a really good start to the week in terms of stream. We were above 1k viewers most of the day on Monday. Even though poker was a bit MEH that day. That seems to be every day though. Viewership is no longer dependent on deep runs. That’s so fucking awesome. To give you an idea: I have as many ‘hours watched’ already this month as July total. That’s insane also because July was a normal good month! Thank you all for being there so often and making the chat fun!

Tuesday the almosts started. 35th in the big $44. Some other random deep runs. PLO tuesday was profitable thankfully. I still haven’t lost on the PLO part of PLO tuesday. Even though this week the PLO tournaments have been horrid. But that’s to be expected. You can’t keep a streak like that going for eternity.

Wednesday and Thursday were very similar days. Final tables, top 20 finishes, but no real big scores to push us into profit for the week. The deep finishes are very important though. It’s good for the mind. It feeds the drive to want to win. Also it gives me plenty of practice in getting better at playing near-bubble or with money pressure. I think that part of the tournament is the most interesting. Then again.. everybody does.

The FT of the $44 PSKO really hurt I have to say. Some brutal AK vs AT for 88 bigs with a $250 bounty is gonna sting. But as you saw when it happened, I could handle it. It’s important to handle it. It’s such a big part of tournaments and you’re gonna drive yourself nuts. That’s why when people ask me the equity of certain bust outs I’m not even gonna bother calculate them. I feel like it’s  kicking yourself when you’re down.

The PLO WCOOP did really frustrate me because I felt like it was such a good shot to do well. All the Holdem wizards are playing the 2151r1a and it shows in the play. It’s a really soft tournament. Unfortunately we kept running into top of ranges or bad runouts. Nothing you can do and we’ll have plenty more shots to terminate.

Friday. Beautiful Friday. Again sorry for being stressed/tilted at the start. Streaming is a reflection of my life though. I don’t put on a show with my personality. You really see me how I am that day. Most of the times I’m chilled/happy. Sometimes I’m tired. I know you guys accept all this. Maybe you like the stream because of it even. I got a really, really tilting email from Tax institution. I had to deal with it right away. Bubbling the $109 fast Friday right after really did me in for a second. So I had to get up and grab a beer. Friday is too fun not to get over it though. After some slither and some beers and some good chat jokes it was all better.

Yesterday was the biggest loss so far during blowup Friday however. Actually my biggest losing day on stream so far. Such a shame to bust the Hot $16,50 in 5th with TT vs KT. That would have been the one. I really hope I can keep doing the Fridays. They’re my favorite days as well and just approaching poker in such a manner is so much fun. Thank you guys for all the continued support. It makes a gigantic difference. Especially on days like that.

The fucking Backstreet Boys thing with Parham still has me laughing. That guy must have had no clue wtf was happening. Am I sexuaalllll. Yeahhhh.

For the next week expect more long hours. I’m really digging the schedule now. We can just play the Big $44 and Hot $33 as last tournaments. This will make for 7-8 hour streams most of the time. For WCOOPS I will be playing: Tue – 4pm – #34 $215 PLO 6-max KO!  Thu – 4pm – #48 $320 NLHE 8-max

The schedule for us to play is just a bit inconvenient. A lot of the mixed games are at 4. Also I stand by my decision to not play 200$ rebuys etc. I want to do this the right way and approach it like I should. Discipline is one of the key parts of being a professional.

Cheers to an awesome week. I still can’t believe how well it’s going. If there is still stuff you’d like to see or like to see improvements in let me know!

Have a great weekend. If you have a hangover type !help.