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Weekly September 17th

Hey guys,

What a week, what a week. Twitch told me I have been watched more than 2 million minutes this week -.-

Monday craaazy. Holy shit. It started out with some unfortunate hands late in tournaments. Some nice bounties but no real cashes. A 6th place in the $44 PSKO. We did get an awesome host from IWillDominate again. Really really cool to get a new crowd in here that might see poker for the first time. Viewership stabilized at 1500 and from there on there was no looking back. Steadily went all the way up to over 2k. By then I was 2 tabling the $16,50 and the $215r WCOOP. I decided to commentate on the $102k WCOOP FT. This brought a lot of people in going to over 3k. Miraculously I made a comeback from 1.5 big blinds(!!!) to 100bb arnold scream. I ended up busting AA vs J9dd where I slowplayed Aces vs an early position raise. I would play the hand the same 100x so I ain’t mad. Cashed for $1530 for 50th place.

The day after was one of the most anticipated tournaments for me this WCOOP. A PLO KO! I had given the format some thought because I play the $16.50 and $11 KO during the day a lot and I didn’t like my strategy in them. I really tried some different stuff and it paid off. Before we even got to the bounties I was absolutely crushing postflop, which built my stack nicely. This tournament was one of the most fun emotional roller coasters I’ve ever had during a tournament. I went from losing winning 4 bounties in a row, to losing 8 out of 9 bounty allins, to winning 5 in a row. I had the biggest bounty pretty much the whole tournament as well as a top 5 stack. One of the key losses was a pot where I iso’d a 600$ bounty with 2347. Connor o drinan decided to get in 120 bb’s with kings and we lost a chunk there. The good run seemed over and on day 2 I just had 2 gigantic coolers after building postflop same way again. Really unfortunate but what a fun tournament. Expect the highlights on youtube in the future.

After day 2 ended I made a big mistake on Wednesday. I had streamed 12 and 13.5 hours back to back and should have just taken the evening. Adrenaline was gone and it made me feel deflated. Having to grind all the way to an exciting level again in a fullring holdem tournament sounded like an impossible task. I played very unfocussed and busted with a punt. Valuable lesson.

Thursday was an overal really good day. Play was focused. I was very energetic and played really well. I think we broke about even and it was fun to play the 2 $215 bounty builders, even though I didn’t run to well in most of the bounty spots. The $320 8 max was fun but once the blinds got to 500 we were carddead.

Friday came at a perfect time. Long week with long hours. I was really ready to just chill and play some fun poker. The tournaments went like shit but I feel it didn”t really matter. Friday is not about dominating a tournament start to end. It’s fun when it happens, but it’s mostly about sniping a dumb bounty spot and having a few laughs.

Never Forget:

I’m gonna take the weekend off and enjoy some time with Myrthe. We’re going to a collection of standup artists tonight and you get food during the show etc. It’s like a dinner show with comedy pretty much. Can’t wait for that. Tomorrow I’ll be working on the stream and the backside of things. Big week next week.

I’m playing WCOOP every day except for Wednesday. I’ll be playing the $700 on both Thursday and yes, Friday (rip). It will be blowup Friday :). Last week showed me I’m progressing at a nice pace in tournaments and I have no reason to think I’m that far behind all those sharkscope beasts with insane graphs. I feel in control at the table. I’m definitely learning from them but at the same time I think I do some stuff better than them. As soon as more and more with the stream becomes automatic and implemented I’m gonna invest some time into studying up.

I really have that itch to reach the top. I was very good at holdem in the past, but I have never been one of the top tournament players. Time to surprise the poker world.

GRIND HARD. See you Monday at noon.