RIP Dreams

Weekly September 24th

Hey guys,

Another long week in the books. Almost. I’ll be streaming tomorrow (Sunday) I think I’m starting between 3 and 3:30pm CET.

The week started out pretty well. I won the $27 PLO KO. About $330 for 1st and a whopping $600+ bounty score. Awesome tournament for us to start with. Then it was time for one of my favorite WCOOP formats, the $215 Bounty WCOOP. Won a total of $162,50 worth of bounties and cashed for $450. Not a bad run, but it’s not that one you are looking for. I ended up busting my last 10 bb’s when a $400 bounty with 1 bb went in and a huge stack made it 3x behind. Unfortunately he had AT and we lost. I get very frustrated in bounty builders. I think I have some accumulated tilt in the higher buyins for them. Been missing out on some huge bounties in some nasty spots.

It doesn’t help it mostly happens in the bigger buyins. However, it’s probably not just that. I’ve talked in past weeklies about how motivated I am, how badly I want to win. This is a passion and drive I recognize from when I started. I have no problem playing 12 hour sessions on stream. I’m even one tabling the last few hours. Your support and kind messages during those sessions make all the difference in the world. I want to sincerely thank you all for it. I feel the love. You all know I have a lot of emotions playing poker. They will almost never tilt me either way. I like this. I will never want to change it. It means I have passion for what I do. I always looked for extreme feelings and hobbies. Poker, kickboxing (drinking T_T?). I don’t want to be some responsible robot. I would not enjoy it. I like the highs and lows.

Rest of the week was pretty much brutal unfortunately. The $320 win the button (supernice format) ended in this disaster: Roughest hand I lost this WCOOP I think.

Probably one of the reasons I took Wednesday off. I wasn’t planning on playing the $500 rebuy anyway and I had been online for 12 hour streams. Also I knew Thursday and Friday were gonna be very important and tiring. Plus of course the Sunday.

The $700 on Thursday was an ultra-deep turbo. We got it in for close to 60bb pot with AQ vs KQ. Guy cold 4b shoved over our 3b. I don’t think it was a bad play, but unfortunately for us it worked out for him. This was pretty crushing. These are some big ass tournaments. The good thing is though, every day I wake up I want to play again. I’m super motivated and I can’t wait to see what the day has in store. Especially on Friday.

Friday is just always fun. Even if poker is going very poorly. This Friday it was extremely shit poker. I think we busted 20-25 tournaments in 1 hour. That only happened one or two times before and it wasn’t even because I spewed haha. Around 1 o’clock the $320 rebuy PLO started. I absolutely dominated the lower blind levels playing 50% of my hands. Using a single bullet worth 5k chips going all the way up to 40k. I was top 10 most of the tournament. When we broke the last 100 players I had a nice stack still being somewhere middle of the pack. I lost a brutal brutal hand with JJxx vs AAxx on AJ38. I flatted pre, flatted flop, had to raise turn. Really bad cooler and lost my last 12 bb with KKxx vs AAxx. Even though we busted so many early I think it was still really fun and got to stream for about 5 hours.

After I went with Myrthe to my friend’s food festival. Had some awesome Indonesian and Mexican Dishes! Drank way too much wine and was pretty hungover when I woke up at 6 am this morning. Had a few hours more sleep and felt fine. Also had a new student this morning and had an insanely productive coaching session. Very nice guy and I think I can help him a ton. Coaching has been very gratifying and I have gotten a lot of requests for it. I had 4 regular students now and received 5 more applications this week. Busy times. I usually coach before stream from 10:15 to 11:30.

Website should also be done soon, it’s gonna look so sick. You guys are gonna love it!

Tomorrow we make good for this week. Remember, starting around 3-3:30pm CET. Hope to see you then.

Don’t forget to register for the subscriber freeroll. I won’t be there on that day, but you don’t have to either. It’s an all-in shootout so it will register and play out automatically. I will be in San Diego at twitchcon. Super fucking excited for that. Gonna meet so many new people and learn so much more about Twitch. I hope I keep improving the stream.

OH YEAH WE BROKE FUCKING 400 SUBS!! Thank you guys so much. Reaching 250 was insane and I couldn’t even imagine getting this far so quick. I will reward you with the best new emotes. Also gonna come up with something awesome for when I reach 500. Celebrations will be had.

See you tomorrow. Don’t play after you come home drunk tonight. Don’t fall down the ladder.

Peace out.