This week was all about priorities. As you guys know from the stream and my last weekly, my dad was in the hospital with an infection that gave him a fever. The fever triggered his Parkinsons hallucinations to the max.

Monday actually started out fantastic. I had good news on several fronts. A tax case that had been running for years was finally over on Monday. I felt very proud of facing the music and dealing with it. Also my dad seemed to be doing better. We had a really fun homegame on Monday where I put a bounty on myself and the mods. This is something that will happen more often. It seemed a big success entrant wise and everyone was having fun and talking shit to each other. Good stuff. After dinner I had a big meeting with Cheqio. Some E-Sports teams have been testing it and they are very enthusiastic. I can’t release any names yet, but it’s one of the biggest organizations out there. I initiated the talks, so this was kind of like my first sale in a way! Very cool to venture out into other things as well. In the evening I went to watch Liverpool – Man United with my friend Louk. We had quite some beers, toasting to a day full of awesome news. At around 11 pm my phone rang that my dad was doing very badly. He slipped away into vivid hallucinations again. I was unable to still drive and they were able to give him some calming meds. So I decided to let him rest and go in the morning.

When I got there on Tuesday it was really bad. It has so much impact seeing a loved one in so much pain. All you can do is make sure they’re in the best hands possible and just be there. During the stream I felt relaxed in a way, but also a bit zoned out. I really liked engaging with you guys as it took my mind of things. I noticed I wasn’t really thinking about poker though. I took decisions very quickly and I was gambling a bit. Also when I lost hands I didn’t care. That’s a bad sign for me. That means I’m not invested. I decided to quit and try out a video-game that would be watchable for all of you. Dota is a bit much and if you don’t know the game it’s really hard to follow. I decided on Ori and the blind forest. What a great game. It’s a puzzle platformer with some quick thinking in it. A lot of people seemed to enjoy it! Because I could just press the start button or stop moving and read chat, I was able to interact a lot with you guys. The no-delay thing is a nice bonus as well. Poker on Twitch is really hurt by the delay. Obviously it’s necessary though. In the evening I went by my dad again and he was in the same state as before.

Wednesday was pretty much a repetition of things. I had to cancel coaching with I Sx I because I was at my dad a lot longer than expected. Scotty is a really nice chill dude, so it’s no problem for him, but I still hate cancelling. I prize myself on being able to stick to agreements and times, a skill a lot of people in the poker profession lack. That’s why I always want to be online at 12. I might be 10 minutes late, but I’ve pretty much never just tanked a stream or came hours late out of the blue so far. I think structure is important and it’s also a commitment I make to you guys. WE IN THIS TOGETHER. I played poker for about an hour and realized it wasn’t gonna work. So I resorted to Ori again.

Thursday different. My sister was at my dad’s as well on Wednesday evening (she had just come back from 3.5 months Latin America). He recovered a bit and a lot of brighter moments. It was good to see my sister again and visit my dad together. So the next day I felt a lot better and worried less so I was able to put out a nice 5 hour poker session on strim. The results were so-so but there were plenty of deep runs and definitely some good poker as well. That really cheered me up! In the evening I spent a lot of time catching up on things I wasn’t able to do the days before. I went to watch ajax and feyenoord play Europe League at my local bar with some friends, which was nice too. I really like to hear people talk about football, especially people who watch it a lot and know all the players and the ins and outs. Good times. I even did some shots, which was unnecessary but a nice Blowup Warmup.

Blowup Friday was just very enjoyable. It sucks if there is no deep runs that we can get hyped on, but in the end, it’s all about the fun. Just letting go right before the weekend. Friday feels like it’s the first day of the weekend for me. Skipping the 100$ buyins really helps money-wise as well. I should have skipped the hot $82 as well, but I was excited for some poker. It frustrated me when I busted though and that’s not the goal on Friday. I guess with the week I’ve had it’s understandable to be frustrated just a little easier. A nice 12-KO + win in a $25 Hyper KO made us 200$ which goes a long way on a day like that. After that I finished Ori. I can really recommend that game. I have something special in store with games for the next weekend. They will be very easy to watch and I can recommend hanging out!

I spent about 4 hours yesterday doing technical stuff for the stream and researching other shit. I’ve had enough drinks for the week and sitting behind my computer doing stuff at a chill pace felt good. My pace now is not so chill. I have to leave in 10 minutes to attend to a running clinic, My personal trainer hired an Olympic track coach to talk to us about running and fix our technique. Really cool, especially cause my knees are always fucked after running for long distances. I’m also leaving for Rome with Myrthe this afternoon and I have to pack. I can’t wait to show her Rome. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world and she has never been there. I had Latin for about 6 years in middle school, so I was already hyped during that time about it. This will be my 4th time going. I will be back on Thursday and stream immediately. Probably at around 1pm. To make it up to you guys I will also stream the weekend. I really hate taking time off the stream. However, now that Myrthe is studying to become a teacher, she is bound by the vacations they give her, and it’s nice to get away for a few days. She is doing a course that does 4 years in 1 year, so she has been crazy busy. I will post pictures on snapchat and instagram (both lexveldhuis).

See you guys soon!!