Fight the jetlag

Last weekly wasn’t even a week ago! Sent you guys the full TwitchCon update on Tuesday. My OCD brain is at ease again now being able to do them in the weekend :D.

As you guys know TwitchCon motivated me to push even harder. I have been putting in a ton of hours on the stream. That sometimes made it hard to think a lot about stuff outside of the stream. Every day before I stream I spend about an hour during breakfast reading up on platforms or learning more about shit like YouTube, websites, branding, legislation etc. Then after my sports I have been doing coaching almost every morning. The applications have been overwhelming and I have about 5 regular students now. From holdem cashgames to PLO to mental game coaching. This has been extremely gratifying. I’m moving most of the coaching to the weekends to not interfere too much with the stream and my progression there.

Coming back as motivated as I did I wasn’t gonna let a day go to waste. I had actually slept for about 10 hours so I felt fine. PLO Tuesday was a bit too intense, so I just started off with some chill MTT and a full re-cap of my time in San Diego. You guys of course also got the written version in Tuesday’s report. I can’t believe so many of you were immediately there. We casually went over 1k viewers no problem! Thanks for that. Subs are always gonna take a hit when I’m gone for a few days. There are a lot of people who sub for 1 month so if I don’t get new ones on the days I’m gone there is logically gonna be a drop. Btw, if you do intend to sub for more months don’t let a gap drop! They are going to come with 1, 3 and 6 month sub badges. I will deliver nice ones that you guys deserve!

Wednesday was a bit of the same. I had a 4-5 hour poker stream with some Mario after. Mario or SNES I feel is a nice way of being able to chat with you guys, but at the same time show something that you understand. I understand Dota is a lot to handle. I will mostly try to play easy to understand games when I stream so we can still hang out. Weirdly enough Thursday was my worst jet-lag day. After about 3 hours I felt sick and destroyed so I just turned off the stream. I invested my time well and was able to go to bed at 10 (!!!!) that night. Me and Myrthe caught up to all of Suits and we started House of Cards. After sleeping for 9 solid hours I felt ready for Blowup Friday.

Aren’t Fridays just the best? Everyone is always so chill and ready to let loose and have fun. I feel completely relaxed on Fridays and it seems like a freeroll. If we tank all the tournaments it’s weekend, and if we don’t all the better! Last Friday seemed to go towards an early weekend, but then the bounty madness started in the $22 Bounty Builder. That was so much fun! It was already a more chill experience because I played lower buyins than normal. Thanks for understanding and suggesting that. I really, really appreciate you guys looking out for me. And you are right; it’s more important to have fun that day than to sweat bubbles in $109 tournaments. So even though it wasn’t going as well as we’d like to see, it wasn’t that bad. I will probably try and put the $22 bounty on YouTube and I really recommend it. A lot of gambling for bounties gave me a huge chiplead and I feel I used my chips very very well in the later stages. The blowup Fridayesque 3-bet with 72o lost us a momentum changer, but the spot wasn’t even all that crazy. A 30bb stack opens and we 3.5x a 3bet on the button.

The utg player had 4bb so the opener is supposed to play supertight vs us. The board ran 99337 and he bet the river and we just have to call after checking turn. He made a very loose call to the 3b with A9. In the end though, 5th place for 1100$ is fucking awesome. It feels great to put a win in the books on Friday.

I kind of talked about doing a stream on Saturday perhaps. As you guys know it didn’t happen. I do have plans to have some sort of weekend presence though. Myrthe has a lot of studying to do in the weekend. I don’t really know if I want to make it a Saturday hungover chill stream with variety games. (Preferably games I can play with you guys). Or maybe an early Sunday stream. It’s hard for me to think what’s better. I think poker on Saturday is not going to work. After blowup Friday and drinking I really feel the weekend vibe. I really like sitting around in my sweatpants writing weeklies and doing coaching/reading/browsing. I could transfer that into a hangout stream and see if you guys like that. We’ll see!

I can’t wait for my website to be done that can’t take more than a week or 2. So much exciting shit happening on all fronts it’s so cool. I can’t wait to share everything. I also have a lot of cool ideas and plans for the stream. I feel like we’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg and who knows how hard this thing is gonna ram the boat. In a good way..

I’m very grateful to have all of your support in this process and I’m very grateful. This is a very true example of I couldn’t have done/be doing this without you. So thank you all.

I always say it but follow me on twitter: /snapchat (lexveldhuis) if you want to catch weird off-schedule streams!

See you soon terminators.