What a city. I really missed Rome. As soon as we drove in I was completely captured by the feel and look of the city. Of course I was completely biased. Myrthe told me I was an idiot because I said some 20 year old, nasty-looking building was a grand monument from 2000 years ago. In all seriousness though, the city just radiates grand old times. I’m really interested in Roman history. I had Latin for 6 years, so I read all the stories a lot and had to translate some letters of historic events. One of the things that impressed Myrthe the most was just walking through the city and all of a sudden seeing the Colosseum at the end of the road. You can just imagine what it would have been like to walk to that thing through the streets of Rome. Also we compare it to all the other great buildings we’ve seen, but can you imagine being a farmer and seeing something like that in those days? Fantastic.

In my memory the St. Peter impressed me the most. This time that was a horrible experience. The lines to come in were all bottlenecks. You had no room to walk around St. Peter square. Inside the church, they hung up curtains to section off parts and to guide people along a route. There was no wandering around to look at art or history. A fucking chicken den. One of the cooler things there I always thought was the tomb with the Popes. They would sculpt the Popes on top of their grave in the way they lay on their death bad. Gives a very eerie feeling. The line there now was ridiculous though so we skipped the whole thing. We spent about 30 minutes in St. Peter and gtfo.

One of the things I hadn’t done as much, when I was there 15 years ago, was visiting small wine bars. I really like wine now and they obviously have some fantastic places. It’s really cool that such a big city can feel so intimate. There are hardly huge places to have food and drinks. All small nice family businesses. We saw all the major things and still had time to chill out every day from like 5 pm till midnight. The most impressive thing for me this time was the Colosseum. We booked a tour to be able to skip the line, but when we heard the dude talk first few things, we decided to tag along to the group. This made it much more vivid and you could see all the little details. All the facts about the Colosseum are crazy, so I can definitely recommend.

When we got back I immediately decided to switch to OBS studio. This has some audio advantages for YouTube. It’s also the newest OBS and everything that will be developed will be for this version, not for classic. Vedran and I spent about 3 hours making the switch, but I’m so happy it’s done now. I felt ready to go for Thursday stream. However in the morning I received some bad news. First off; there would be a server restart on PokerStars. This means no poker from like 1 till 2 pm. With the 12pm start and late regging all those tournaments that started earlier, this means I don’t get to play about 75% of my daily schedule.

Even worse; my dad was still in the hospital. I thought he was gonna be out in the weekend. He doesn’t have a phone and his gf would tell me about big changes. But nothing serious happened so I don’t blame her at all for not telling me. It wasn’t great to hear. There was a doctor’s meeting at 3pm on Thursday. He needs to be transferred to a nursing home so they can watch him more. However while typing this he called me (first time he used a phone last 2 weeks) and he sounded a lot better. He was aware of what was going on and supported everything. Had a good coherent talk :).

Anyway all those reasons is why I didn’t stream Thursday. I also had webcast later in the day. First stream was Blowup Friday yesterday. I played poker for about 7 hours!! I lost a small bit but a nice daysaver was the Lex Veldhuis Open, where we got 3rd for $430. So only lost a little bit yesterday. In the evening I played a scary game in honor of Halloween.

I will do more of it tonight probably so watch out for this like this:

I am gonna stream poker as well today. I will be online around 3:30 I think. Tomorrow I’m also streaming afternoon. Want to make up for lost time because of Rome. Also remember to register for the Subscriber freeroll!

Hope to see you guys later today!!