Weekly October 1st

Hey guys,

You didn’t think I was going to forget the weekly did you?

I’m at the airport in San Diego now. I can genuinely say I really missed you guys haha. Streaming and talking to you guys has been the core of my day for months now. Funny thing is that being away for 4 days this week showed me that not going to WSOP was a good decision. I would never want to miss that long. Streaming is my passion. The plan for this week was to just learn a lot about the industrial side of Twitch. I think it’s important if you want to grow your channel to understand how this beast works. I got here late Wednesday and after a stroll through downtown decided to go bed early. I went one day earlier so I could have a recovery day to battle jet-lag so I wouldn’t be fucked all first day of TwitchCon. In the morning on Thursday I went for (best hangover medicine trust me). After that I met up with Scott Ball and his gf Blair. Scott is the poker directory manager for Twitch. He is really passionate about poker and is a good player himself. He has some cool ideas and it was just nice to see what we can do together to grow poker in Twitch as well as my channel!

After lunch with him I had a progress-meeting with my team online manager May. She is really straight, honest and hardworking. Perfect manager and she always says what she thinks. She is chill too which is nice, cause I had 3 whiskey cocktails before the meeting -.- Stars is extremely happy with what I’m doing and how everything is going. We bounced back some ideas and updated some stuff, which is always good. I ended up having a pretty late dinner with the team online peoples. I kinda wanted to go out for a drink though and met Tonka and a friend of his Mark (Rowniwn). Tonka you guys obviously know and Mark is a very nice German guy that’s been friends with Parker for a long time. Mark actually trolled me really hard in a ticket competition once I just found out while writing this. Didn’t do anything crazy cause day 1 was gonna be crazy.

There we so many fucking people here holy shit. I went inside the convention center to look at the Pokerstars booth and we discussed a bit what was gonna happen. There were tons of panels in different rooms discussing various topics. The first one I attended was the Zeldathon. They talked about streaming for charity and what to look out for. I really want to do stuff like this in the near future so was really motivating. When I came down I didn’t know what was happening. Thousands of people. Everyone was so nice and the vibe was great. Gamers apparently like to hug each other which makes it even more cute.

The Pokerstars booth was booming. As for our pros we had Andre Coimbra, Innerpsycho, Kevin Martin, Jaime Staples, xflixx, Nanonoko and me. There would always be some of us at the booth talking to people and playing sngs with people. People responded pleasantly surprised to see Pokerstars have a presence again. A lot of people played pre-blackfriday. At night we had a Pokerstars dinner where we drank a lot.. Went to a Mexican place and they spiked pretty much everything with tequila. After dinner Kevin, Jaime, Farhan (Pokerstars) and me joined Parker, Mark and Courtiebee for drinks. This was the first time for me to meet Courtney and she is really chill. She is very nice and has a good talent for handling psycho Euro/Parker humor. Everyone got along really well and it was just really nice.

Next day I visited a lot of panels and walked around a lot. I saw some awesome games. VainGlory hyped me the most. It’s like dota/LOL for mobile. Controls and visuals looked awesome and I’m 100% gonna timewaste on it. I saw Blitz too which was nice and met Conrad, the Dota directory manager.

I went with Mark and Parker to drink some beers in a nice little bar before the Party. The player party was in the Padres base ball stadium which was incredible as far location went. Party was pretty decent with people like T-Pain and Aoki and Darude performing. We ended up at Jason Somerville’s room with everyone drinking some beers and wine and just having some laughs.

Today was a lot of the same at the booth. Meeting people, shaking hands. I’m glad to be going home now though. I cant wait to get back into it. I will probably stream on tuesday. I have a 20 hour trip coming up now. Expect the same kind.

And this is where my laptop battery was dead lol.

I had a really nice flight. Not so hard as I had a fantastic upgrade. Check me out on snapchat guys, I just made one and have been using it a lot; lexveldhuis

I will be streaming in 30 minutes. See you then for the rest of the stories!!