Broke The Curse!

I broke the top 20 curse! One of the biggest streams to date happened on Thursday with me finishing second in the $44 bounty builder for $2900.

That was the short version. Pretty much just had a fantastic week. The first few days of the week I had some deep runs again. It’s been very polarized. Busting quick out of a lot of tournaments and finishing 11-25th in a bunch of others. Those deep runs keep the roll healthy and it always sparks some hope. They are important. Yet they are frustrating and you hate them, but life is worse without them.

There was one day (I’m really fuzzy on the which day was what, many beer yes?) that actually had a lot of deep runs, most importantly in the Big $22. I got 11th and I kind of just decided to not register anymore. This was around 4pm in the afternoon. This just told the whole story. I really needed a close. That’s why when I went deep in that one I was holding off on registering new ones. If I failed/was unable to close I would be deflated and not play too well in the tournaments following. I just played some h1z1 with subs.

It all changed on Thursday, Myrthe’s birthday! I made her breakfast in bed and she really liked her present, a black bag. She is always so appreciative of everything. I’m really grateful that she is so down to earth. I decided to do PLO on Thursday because we had dinner plans with family for her birthday. I did want to play some MTT so I decided to register my standard ones that I usually start the stream with + a PLO cash table. I registered the Big 22, Bounty 44 and Bounty 11.

As for the PLO content, I really think it’s been great if I say so myself. I’m playing a lot of PLO on .fr and the games have been great. It’s almost like grinding PLO as well as just streaming and teaching. I’ve been playing 100 and 200 buyin so there is some many excite as well. The pots have been really random and the emotional swings are definitely there. When people gamble AQ54ss preflop for 100 bb the variance becomes insane. I hope you guys have been enjoying it. If you would like to see some different PLO content, I’m always open to suggestions.

Back to MTTs. I busted the big $22 but I actually went really deep in the Bounty builders $11 and $44. The Lex Veldhuis open (yes it’s still fucking mine, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT), I got 5th for 200$ which was nice. In the bounty $44 I was pretty much Bountydaddy for most of the tournament. Long story short, I busted the $11 bb in 11th. This made me think oh god no. I need one of these to be the one rasziCT.

I delivered in the $44! I was really in the zone. I took good spots to bluff 3b, raise sb limps from the bb. When to check and bet. All my lines seemed to make sense and were part of a bigger plan. I really am proud of the way I played that final table. Of course you need to get lucky in a few spots too. I made some good hands, but they followed good decisions! I think it’s one of the best final tables I played on stream to date. And I have proof :). Everything is recorded and you guys will be able to watch the highlights of it over the next few days on youtube! That’s why I’m not gonna get into too much detail about the final table.

In the end there were 3300 of you awesome fuckers watching me get second for $2900. I was so fucking happy after that final table. I’m like a broken record but the love and support from you guys is real and I can feel it. I can’t explain to you guys how much you add to the excitement and the thrill and the experience and the happiness. My biggest regret is I didn’t start streaming when I first thought about it, but I’m just gonna be happy that I finally do!

Myrthe’s bday dinner was very nice. Her brother/parents and my mom were there and we ate at this nice little place in Vlissingen called the Dighter. It has nice food and wine, but it looks like a brown bar setting. Myrthe and I kept drinking when the others were gone, which resulted in a nice hangover on Friday.

The best thing about being hungover on Friday is that the beer tastes extra good. Reparation beers are the best! Do realize that’s how you end up drinking every day for 3 weeks.. Blowup Friday was a roller-coaster. It looked like I was going for a sick repeat in the bounty $44. I had the biggest bounty and people were just throwing chips at me. I ended up losing a rough one 20 spots from the money. Some 200 PLO brought me closer to even and I only suffered a small loser over the whole day. Again I played some h1z1 with subs. You can find an h1z1 channel on discord to, where people come together to try and make teams to play.

In the evening I had a reunion with some people from a party organizing committee in high-school. We had some beers and it was good to see some of the people again. Yday I did absolutely fucking nothing and just enjoyed the day with the grill. Today (Sunday) I planned on streaming, after doing some stuff for the backend. I actually been on a tear today with youtube visuals and website content planning. Shout-out to brodaty, extempore and mpadam, who are helping me a lot!!

I didn’t wanna stop the working rush and just keep going that stress me out during the day. Tomorrow/Monday at noon we are gonna go for our next victory :). Thanks again everyone and I hope to see you tomorrow. I have a nice announcement to make that I hope I can do tomorrow.