November has been a sick month in a lot of ways. The amazing hosts from MATUMBAMAN. The second/first place in the Bounty $44. I broke a million!!! channel views on Wednesday. A lot of that was because of frontpaging for the very first time. This whole week from 1 to 2 pm we were rocking the frontpage for an hour. There are always 6-7 channels frontpage. That means that anyone who goes to worldwide, will either see my channel, or a thumbnail of my channel. People who didn’t even know I existed or streamed or have watched poker come in and take a look. That’s so ridiculous for the channel. Huge props to you guys for being welcoming and showing how it’s done in our streets. They will do some analysis and see how well it went and I hope to get more in the future. It’s really cool Twitch recognizes the channel and gives me the opportunity.

It felt like an odd week. First few days I didn’t have any crazy deep runs or big results. But it was still a good time. There was a lot of blowing up. First few days tournaments had no mercy on me. But then the last few bounty tournaments I played blowup style and we still had fun for a good few hours. I was also able to restore the dent in the .fr bankroll by crushing the PLO games. On wednesday there was a server restart on PS. so I decided to just chill and start with H1Z1 also to not waste frontpage time. But then H1Z1 ALSO had a server restart after an hour, so I played some Dota 2. Pretty crazy to have 1100 people in there watching us play those games. At 2 we finally got around to some poker. Again won some PLO right off the bat and then we played some tournaments but server restarts are always slow days.

Thursday. Dear lord. Because I wanted to celebrate getting to a million views, plus the fact I had a very fancy dinner planned on Friday with friends, I decided to do Blowup Thursday this time. It’s also nice to throw off the competition because a lot of people we play against are aware that we are drinking and bluffing on Friday. God damn what a blow up day. It was a classic. I heavily suggest watching some of it back. I had a fantastic time and it was nice to drink on Thursday afternoon :D. Not gonna miss the chance to do a blowup week! There are some really good clips from a Thursday. That Duvel beer really fucked me up good.

Friday I did a mini explosion Friday with a few beers but nothing crazy. Was still a looser than normal atmosphere and we had fun and got to talk some shit ^^ . I wanted to keep the taste buds alive so I only drank a beer or 3. Tournaments were shite and I got murdered so I did the smart thing. Not push it. Last week’s Friday taught me a huge lesson in that regard. After some H1Z1 (booked a duo win with Delloor!) I went offline and joined my friends for an awesome fucking dinner. We went to a fancy restaurant in Zeeland called ‘meliefste’. It means ‘my dearest’ in English. It’s really close to a Michelin star. I never like it when people mention they go to a restaurant and say shit like ‘Dont worry there will be pics’ and then they proceed to post every dish on instagram or twitter and everyone just thikns who gives a shit, maybe beside some people who also like it. I did post 1 picture because the makeup of the plates was unbelievable. So was the food. I really like evenings like this. We don’t get to do it a lot. Just group of 6 people with close friends, drinking wine and eating ridiculous food for 4 hours. One of my best restaurant experiences ever. If you like that sort of stuff I strongly recommend this one.

Today I just did the usual. Type the weekly, read up on stuff, went through emails. Also did 2 hours of coaching so actually I’ve been very productive. Oh and I went outside and drank beer on a nice winter afternoon and ate split pea soup. Possibly my favorite food in the winter. No stream tomorrow cause I have family-in-law stuff which will be nice. Back on the strim on Monday. I can’t possible expect this month to be better but I’m gonna try anyway!

Thanks and see you Monday termi’s.