Is this just a different way of saying resolutions? WELL I THOUGHT OF THIS BEFORE NEW YEAR. But since I write it after, I guess I lose my credibility.

Last time I mentioned I want to slow down a little bit on some projects and focus on streaming. Every once in a while I go see a guy friends of mine described as the Master Planner. In the past he really helped me with planning the SNE grind. Just fitting everything in a schedule. This sounds really easy but he is so extremely good at separating shit that really matters from shit that’s just doesn’t. Talking out loud also really helps. Don’t get me wrong. I want to work really hard. I’m excited about doing a lot. However, that mainly is the problem. You can’t fill up every part of your day with important shit to do. You can’t maintain the quality you want over all of those things.

On a normal day I would wake up at 7 in the morning, make breakfast and then do emails/administrative work till about 8:30, then go to the gym. I work out hard when I go. Coming home at around 10 I do cooking for the day, followed by an hour of coaching. When the coaching is done I start the stream. This pace isn’t gonna work. I slowly filled up my schedule like this when I started working out more again and got more students. There is no downtime at all during the morning. I feel that this is the reason I’ve sometimes gassed out a little bit at around 3.30-4 in the afternoon. Then after the stream I talk about the stream and Myrthe’s studies during dinner. Get back to the PC to do stream-related stuff for an hour. After that is the first time I really chill. I either do something with friends or with Myrthe in the evening till about 10. Then I go on the pc for an hour and research shit for future projects etc. So I go to bed with my head spinning about all kinds of shit again. That’s not good.

Stream is first priority and apparently from my activities the stream suffers. Trying to think objectively, I think the quality is still good. I think stream-wise you won’t notice it much. However, the times where I’m done at around 4 not having too much energy are all related to the above. I’m gonna fix this by putting cardio days when I have coaching. They’re shorter workouts, usually give a lot of energy, whereas strength training sometimes makes you feel a bit tired. I’m gonna cook on strength days or when I have cardio + coaching planned do it in the evening. Cooking in the evening is much more relaxing. Also not go over all my to-do/stream/pokerstars/email shit right before bed. Just get REAL periods of chill in between. I don’t need the down-time in between shit for short term, but after doing it 3-4 months in the busy schedule you start to see cracks in the surface. I need to do something that can be consistent quality the next 3-4-5-x years.

As for the streaming, expect a mo-fri schedule as usual from Noon to 6 pm CET. There will be some deep runs that will make me go later. all the better. Hope to see you there! Press the follow button over at to get a notification to see when I go live!