LEX LIVE 3: Meet the community

“Lex Live is a great social event, and I think it would be great for people to get out and experience it. You’ll see there are so many people just like you.”

Those are the words of Lex Veldhuis himself, and having attended the first two instalments of Lex’s community-driven poker festival, we can attest that every community member we met welcomed us warmly (often with a cold, frosty beverage in hand).

But just who are the good folks who make up this motley crew?

If you’re heading to Lex Live 3 in London this coming April (17-26) and you want to put some faces to the Twitch names you know in the chat, bookmark this page.

In the weeks leading up to Lex Live 3, we’ll be bringing you interviews with prominent members of Lex’s community, so you can get to know them that little bit better.

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Platinum Pass winner RichyRob will be at LL3

You’ll no doubt already be familiar with him if you’ve spent time watching Lex on Twitch, or you simply peruse the Twitch poker streets. As a streamer in his own right, London-based ‘RichyRob’ became one of the two winners of GJ Reggie and Pyefacepoker’s #DaretoStream competition on Christmas Eve 2019, earning himself a Platinum Pass to the PokerStars Players Championship (PSPC).

He’s now preparing for the biggest event of his life–the €22,500 buy-in PSPC–whilst also building his own Twitch stream. And how does he plan to practice? By attending Lex Live 3, of course.

We caught up RR just as he was returning from a poker vacation in Miami to find out what he’s looking forward to at LL3, his goals for the future, and more.

Get to know RichyRob here.


F#!@ Croaks

Of all the people from Lex Veldhuis’s Twitch community who gather for Lex Live, only one of them has others frequently coming up to them and swearing. All in the name of fun, I should point out.

That person is Croaks, also known as Adrian, and he’s one of Veldhuis’s Twitch moderators. As a cornerstone of the community, Croaks tell us how he got into Twitch, what it takes to be a moderator, and the history behind his namesake meme (#F**kCroaks!).

Get to know Croaks here.

“Croaks” in action


Australia’s Damiano ‘DAMMO_23’ Aloi at Lex Live 2 in London

Damiano ‘DAMMO_23’ Aloi had never been outside his native Australia prior to Lex Live 2 back in October 2019. The community means so much to him that he flew more than 10,000 miles to get to know everyone in person.

“To know all the people in chat online is one thing, but to come and actually meet them is unbelievable,” he told us. “I’ve made some new friends, met people I’ve chatted with once or twice, everybody is just so friendly. I’ve already said I’ll be at Lex Live 3!”

Get to know DAMMO_23 here.


Tom “Predator410” Parsons

At Lex Live 2, there was a scavenger hunt resulting in six finalists who battled it out on the poker table for a Platinum Pass. The winner of that competition was Northern Ireland’s Tom Parsons. But you might know the 21-year-old better by his Twitch name, “Predator410”.

Parsons, a Twitch-streamer in his own right, will now be heading to Barcelona in August to play in the €22,500 buy-in PokerStars Players Championship 2020.

“You have to come to Lex Live,” Parsons says. “Everyone you meet will say hello. Everyone wears name tags so you know who they are. It’s just been the most amazing community experience. The opportunities for people here have been so good.”

Get to know Predator410 here.


“Antim00n” with Lex Veldhuis and James Hartigan

Prior to each Lex Live, we get to know some of the community members who win their way in via online satellites on PokerStars.

At the inuagural Lex Live in Namur, one of those was Sanne “Antim00n” Bombeek, a legend of the chat.

“I’m going to Lex Live to meet the community that Lex built and that I have grown to love. Playing a couple of hands of poker while there is just a nice bonus. Twitch is where Lex and poker came together for me.”

Get to know Antim00n (and other qualifiers) here.

Lex Live 2 qualifier Glenn van Ingelghem

Glenn van Ingelghem 

At Lex Live 2 we were introduced to Glenn van Ingelghem, one of Lex’s former Twitch moderators. Having only ever played live poker at the Holland Casino in Breda, the nearest casino to where he lives in the Netherlands, van Ingelghem ventured to London in October 2019 to meet up with the rest of the community, having won his way into the Main Event online.

“I can only tell you that in the hardest moments of my life, [Lex] was the guy that cheered me up,” he told us.

Get to know van Ingelghem (and other qualifiers) here.

Article originally posted on PokerStars Blog
by Jack Stanton