Lex Live 3 London postponed due to Coronavirus concerns. Online event coming

In light of the continuing spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19, and the uncertainty surrounding it, a decision has been made to postpone the upcoming Lex Live 3 event previously scheduled to take place at Aspers Casino in London from April 16-23.

No one is more disappointed than series host Lex Veldhuis, who ultimately had to make the call to postpone.

“Letting things just go through didn’t really seem like the best idea right now for my community,” said Veldhuis. “I want to make sure everyone is comfortable and is pretty much guaranteed an amazing experience. I hope people can understand the decision and appreciate it is a very tough one to make.”

Lex Live 3 in London has been postponed

Veldhuis knows many will be disheartened by the news, and he certainly shares that sentiment.

“It’s a huge disappointment for me, too. This is one of the events that I look forward to the most, and lately it feels like every half-year of streaming leads up to the next Lex Live. So I feel terrible that I can’t continue with this event as is.”

The decision wasn’t made hastily.

“It really seems like it is hard to estimate what the situation will be in a month,” said Veldhuis. “I took a lot of viewpoints into consideration but since I’m the one who knows my community and where they are coming from, I ultimately made the decision. And I felt like it was better to make the decision sooner than later.”

Veldhuis has wasted little time with making the announcement.

“The moment it was decided, I felt it was very important to get the news out right away, so people can make arrangements,” he said. “The closer we get to the event, the harder it’s going to be to cancel hotels and flights, rearrange work schedules, and perhaps get cancellation fees back.

“Those having to make cancellations and rework their plans can count on me and my team when doing so.”

After all, that kind of mutual support is what Veldhuis’ Twitch community has been about from the start.

There is a Lex Live Discord channel where Veldhuis encourages people to share their experiences and advice when it comes to changing their plans. Members of the community can also expect to hear more news about what is coming next for Lex Live.

“We are definitely going to be supporting everyone in terms of helping them with their travel plans and communicating with companies, hotels, and Airbnbs,” said Veldhuis. “I ask everyone to be very proactive when talking to travel agencies and to reach out to us on my discord group for advice. There’s certainly a lot we can do.”

All Lex Live Qualifiers at PokerStars will be contacted within the next 24 hours and will have the value of their package refunded to their Stars account.

“I’m going to try to find new dates and see what the plan is. Every step of the way, every time there’s a decision made and a date that we know of, we’re going to involve everyone in the process,” said Veldhuis.

There is something else for the community to look forward to as well — something special that will be happening online in lieu of the originally scheduled London event.

“I know it’s hard to substitute the whole event and experience… it’s impossible, really. But I’m coming up with a really cool plan for something we can do online that will soften the blow and will make the pain a lot less. We definitely want to help make this up in terms of having fun and hanging out with each other in a different way.”

“Expect a lot of communication… and cool stuff!”

So stay tuned for more about what is to come for Lex Live, both in the short-term online and down the road regarding the next event.

Originally posted on PokerStars Blog